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Scott gained his diplomas of Massage Therapy and Homoeopathy from the Cairns College of Natural Therapies, Australia and practises in Nelson, New Zealand. He is a compassionate practitioner with more than 30 years of study and clinical practice of massage and touch therapies from a collective worldwide experience.

I am able to tailor your massage to suit your particular needs; from an hour to escape from the rigours of life, a one time pick-me-up, or a structured programme to relieve pain, right through to my full product "The Body-Workshop".

This flagship service is a ten to twelve session package that allows for a full postural transformation, whilst still having room to be carefully adjusted to suit your own unique requirements. I customise it for you.


Integrated Massage for relaxation

"I was looking for a good place to get a massage here in Nelson, and asked around and was given 3 names. I paid each a visit, got a massage, interviewed them during the massage and learned their background, checked out their listening ability, and tested their hands on skills. Scott was hands down the best of the lot."

Terry Stobbe, USA/NZ

Integrated Massage for therapy

including The Bodywork-Shop

"I've never forgotten you Scott, never. And I hope if you're still in New Zealand you are decreasing pain and increasing all spheres of happiness in damaged persons. Scott it was you ONLY you who saved me and put me on the road to new life."

Cecile E. MacTaggart. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/Scotland.

The Body-Workshop

"Scott's 11-session Connective Tissue Polarity work is one of the best things I've ever done for myself."

Jo Imlay. Te Wairua, NZ


"His work is a rare gem, unique on the south Island and perhaps all of New Zealand."

RW Vancouver Island 2017


"Give a loved one a massage” ... gift vouchers available

Please phone 03 546 9655 to book your appointment

Scott Sharpe MsT., Dip Hom. has been in professional practice since 1988.


Scott Sharpe MsT., Dip Hom
Scott Sharpe MsT., Dip Hom

Scott Sharpe
17 Collingwood Street
Nelson, New Zealand

tel. +64 3 546 9655

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