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Scott Sharpe MsT., Dip Hom

Scott gained his diplomas of Massage Therapy and Homoeopathy from the Cairns College of Natural Therapies, Australia.

He has been in professional practice in Australia, Scotland and New Zealand since 1988.

NZ Memberships:

2011 - 2006 Massage New Zealand (RMT)

2006 - 1997 Massage Institute of NZ

2011 - 2007 Preferred provider NZ Academy of Sport.

He is a compassionate practitioner with 25 years practical experience.

Over 28 years he has studied:

  • Basic Medical Sciences.
  • Tui Na (Chinese Massage Therapy & acupressure).
  • Jin Shin Do (“the way of the compassionate spirit”)
  • Traditional Chinese medical philosophy.
  • Shiatsu (Japanese pressure massage).
  • Tibetan Energy techniques.
  • Kinesiology; Touch for Health.
  • Hypertonic Muscle Release.
  • Swedish Massage.
  • Esalen Massage.
  • Reflexology.
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Connective Tissue Massage (Bindegewebsmassage).
  • Connective Tissue Polarity (Structural Myofascial work with Polarity therapy)
  • Trigger point release.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy.
  • Naturopathic philosophy.
  • Esoteric philosophy.
  • Herbal Medicine.
  • Bach Flower Therapy.
  • Nutrition.
  • Dip. Homoeopathic medicine.

Scott uses hands, coconut or light olive oil, homoeopathic remedies, tissue salts and Bach flower remedies in his practice.

Scott uses his hands
Scott uses his hands

Scott Sharpe
17 Collingwood Street
Nelson, New Zealand

tel. +64 3 546 9655

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