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In the 1990's the internet was young and there were relatively few descriptions of the connective tissue matrix. We were regarded as hippies and cranks for thinking that the stuff could be manipulated or had real bearing on human structure or well-being.

Well have a look at how far we have come in the understanding of connective tissue or fascia. It's bloody beautiful (without the blood!).

Fascia Magnified 25x

We have to remember that the early Anatomists were artists, like Leonardo da Vinci. they'd dissect cadavers attempting to attain a better understanding so that they could portray the human body in a more realistic way than had been done before.

Unfortunately these anatomist artists pealed away the connective tissue to get to the more spectacular or colourful muscular stuff and didn't document it.

Probably because of that, our anatomy books since, didn't pay much attention to the fascial system within the human body and therefor its importance for our well-being has been under appreciated until comparatively recently.  

Thomas Myers explains Myofascia wonderfully in this interview.

Here's Thomas Myers again discussing, "Why does massage hurt?" 


This link is to a German documentary about fascia. It is actually brilliant (maybe apart from the somnambulant narration?) It's 40 minutes long but I urge you to watch it, even if you're not a student of massage!  The importance of fascia





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