Bursitis of the hip

I am 48 years old and have been suffering bursitis for a number of years in my hip. It had got so bad that at times I have struggled to walk and even bought myself a walking stick.

My sister suggested Scott and I had nothing to lose so I went to him and after one session I was able to walk free of pain. What a relief! The pain did start coming back after about 5 -6 weeks but not as bad so I have been back and feel great after each session.

Scott is a friendly and very discreet person who makes you feel comfortable with him and I would say that if you have bursitis pain just give it a go as I do not need pain relief now and if I have to see Scott every 7 weeks and I can walk, well what a hardship! Just kidding but it's a great massage and I feel great that I can walk around with my young daughter again.

Debra McEwan. 2014

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