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Let’s face it – there are lots of massage therapists around – but how do I select one that can make me feel better. One way is to find look at their credentials and experience. Another is to interview them and see if they listen to you and your special problem and seem to “get it”. Another is to ask other people who have tried a number of therapists and see what their experience has been.

Personally I do all three – massage isn’t cheap and I know not all therapists are equally skilled. That’s how I found Scott. I was looking for a good place to get a massage here in Nelson, and asked around and was given 3 names. I paid each a visit, got a massage, interviewed them during the massage and learned their background, checked out their listening ability, and tested their hands on skills. Scott was hands down the best of the lot.

I’ve been coming to Scott for 4 years – coming from the USA. I find him to be special in the large pool of massage therapists. His unique abilities include an exceptionally fine sense of touch - that is he can work on a 90 year old grandmother with fragile skin and provide some relief from the aches of aging, and then go directly to me - a person with a bunch of long standing trigger points that need deep tissue massage to release them. He has the touch to find the active trigger points and the right combination of strength and gentleness to get them to release without killing you with the pain. I have experienced him doing everything from "Rolfing" to ancient Chinese Massage to Energy techniques. In each case the result has been relief

I do ergonomics for a living. In other words, I know a good bit about the body, and I've got a lot of experience with "massage people".

If you need some massage work, I highly recommend him. You won’t find a more skilled massage therapist in the area.

Terry Stobbe

Scott Sharpe
17 Collingwood Street
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