Mrs Mactaggart's story



May 14, 1996


This letter is to introduce and recommend Scott Sharpe. In my opinion Scott is one of the most remarkable therapists I have ever met. That is because he does not just treat every single person to the same barrage of all his Wisdom and Knowledge. Not at all. He very carefully studies each patient, and thinks deeply about that patients problems. And then how he can help cure them, or how he can motivate them to Better Health, with him doing some of the work and them doing some of the work. How is that possible?

Scott was just unbelievable with me. I had been rollerblading in Hyde Park, when unfortunately one of my rollerblades caught a little stick and the little stick jammed shut all five wheels. I had been a fool. I had loved my rollerblades so excessively that I had never even looked at New Equipment. What an idiot. When all of my life I ski a lot, and would never dream of not checking out New Equipment every year. I never thought that by that failure to see into the future I would almost be killed.

I was actually going about twenty-five miles an hour, and although I had never had an accident in seven years of rollerblading I hit the pavement so hard – anybody who was not me with such incredible bones – I think they would have been killed. As it was I broke my pelvis in three.

I am fifty-seven. Breaking your pelvis in three is not a joke. Month two after the accident, Scott arrived on Islay in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. He had never met me. He just took a chance. He is that kind of person. He brought his wife and his child and they lived in one of the nearby farmhouses. He came everyday. He had so many new ways of meeting the problem. The problem was of course learning to walk again.

I was allergic to the Pain Pills, and so I have to tell you the pain was absolutely wearing me out. And I just did not want to learn how to walk again. No thank you. It hurt too much.

Every day Scott gave me a massage for about an hour. He tried everything. He even tried turning my bed to a new direction, and everyday having a new kind of music in the background. After seven days I had not improved a bit. I have to say Scott was one of the most determined and persistent men I have ever met. He came and looked at my bedroom in disgust. Of course he was seeing my bed piled high with pillows, which is where I retired for recuperation.

“How many times a day do you lie on this bed, Mrs Mactaggart?”

I did not want to admit. I did not want to admit that I was married to my bed.

“Enough of that. I see you come in from your daily walk. You are so exhausted you can hardly stand up. Now we are going to try something new. You are going to walk five times a day, and only ten minutes each time, or just a very short city block or two. Five times a day.”

I wailed. I groaned. In Scotland you have to put on your scarf and your hat and your jacket and your boots. I just could not. I COULD NOT. Scott just looked at me.

Guess what? In a month I’m not telling you I was perfect. But in a month I was walking.

Any time - any place – anywhere – for almost any sum – I would hire Scott Sharpe and get any one of my family back on their feet. You know why? Because he would have the answer.

Sincerely Yours,

Cecile E Mactaggart.


Christmas 1999

I’ve never forgotten you Scott, Rachael and Cally, Never. And I hope if you’re still in New Zealand you are Decreasing Pain and increasing all Spheres of Happiness in damaged Persons. Scott it was you Only you who saved me and put me on the road to New Life. You Were Incredible, A Master, A genius, Happy happy 1999.

Love from Cecile & Sandy Mactaggart.

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