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Hey scott, I wanted to thank you again for everything. I am feeling so much more aligned these days. Here is the review that was promised. You can take whatever you from it, cut it down or whatever. I hope it helps. All the Best.


I have sought out an effective and lasting way of correcting my posture for years. Having beaten and broken my body through years of sports and sitting at a desk, I found myself needing a professional opinion. I found many professionals of many modalities, all of whom gave me different pieces of the whole. I began studying for myself, the human body. Most modalities study just one aspect of the whole system, and give their insights based on this one aspect. When I met Scott, I found that his studies involved the whole.

We worked together for ten sessions. He explained to me before, as well as all throughout the ten sessions, what step we were on and how it would lead us forward. He works systematically, releasing the entire body from chronic tension. I have never felt such instant release that was also lasting. Each session left me feeling so different, I could hardly remember what I felt like before.

Scott works with sincerity and integrity, bringing joy to the table each session. I always felt like my desires were a priority. For the first time in my life, I am hopeful that the complete release I seek is possible, that my body can become nimble and flexible again. His work is a rare gem, unique on the south Island and perhaps all of New Zealand.


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