Body Workshop

The Body Workshop is Scott’s customised programme of 10 to 12 sessions of structural bodywork aiming to alleviate chronic negative postural and emotional holding patterns that cause ongoing discomfort or dis-ease.

Massage is not a rigid modality and by fully integrating the various philosophies, styles and techniques drawn from a collective world-wide experience, a totally unique form of bodywork arises for each individual client.

Benefits are gained by use of methods thousands of years old, alongside the latest in technique and understanding of physical & emotional physiology.

The Body Workshop is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques gleaned from more than 25 years of study into the effects of touch on the structural tissues within the human body.

This system of treatment looks at the body as a whole and is aimed at promoting positive postural change through connective tissue massage work.

It is very powerful work aimed at alleviating negative structural and emotional holding patterns within the individual. Negative holding patterns can be habitual, caused by work, or physical, or emotional trauma, may stem from years in the past, but always have a bearing on your well-being today.

The rationale viewed simply, is that structural balance causes less stress physically, and so emotionally, and that promoting balance allows greater vitality in aspects of our lives other than holding ourselves up against gravity.
Stress is Stress: Physical stress affects our emotions. Emotional stress affects our body.

“He looks as if he has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders” Is a physical statement about a mental state.

As the work progresses the body re-aligns itself to its most economical centre of gravity, promoting a real saving in energy and therefore giving a real gain in physical energy.

The physicality of the work is moderated and balanced by Scott's understanding and use of Eastern and polarity energetic principals.

The full series is like a general over-haul, physically, mentally and emotionally; leading to increased freedom of movement, increased energy and increased freedom of expression.

The programme follows ten to twelve, hour and a half sessions tailored to the individual and covering different areas of the body each week.

The style of work is not passive, it is dynamic. Work may be performed on a massage table, client prone, supine, side-lying, on a chair, or in various positions on the floor. Participation is expected from the client.
It takes less hours than make up one day to relieve the accumulated stress of moving through your life until now.

This work offers Freedom For Your Future.


Your privacy is respected at all times. Scott leaves the room to allow you to disrobe, underwear can be left on and during work, areas not focused on are covered.
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