Session one

The initial session of the body workshop includes relevant history, tests and visual structural analysis (be prepared to be observed in a bathing costume or underwear).

With the clients permission, postural photo's may be taken at the first session, before any hands on work commences to allow for deeper analysis, and at further stages during the programme for comparison.

For first time clients this first session will usually consist of a general massage with oil.This allows Scott to work-out individual structural patterns, to gently introduce his touch and to physically gain permission to work within "your space” as well as beginning the process of understanding necessary to establish the best programme for you.

If the client is used to myofascial massage work or is an existing client of Scott's the hands on work may commence with "Opening the chest"; The systematic unraveling of the chest cavity. (including arms, hips and sides of legs).


Massage table
Massage table

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