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From my point of view I’m a pain reliever; whether from physical or mental or emotional tension. However there are many therapists in our area who can help with other aspects of the same problem that clients might employ me to help solve.

Because we are a fluid structure, and from a simplistic point of view if our muscles work in pairs; one releasing as its partner tightens, it stands to reason that if there is over-tension in one part there is under-tension in another part: If one part may require release and stretching, the opposing part would surely need exercising and relative strengthening.

For stretching and strengthening and help with general fitness I recommend Murray Fifield; “Absolute Personal Training”,  he is my trainer, stretcher and motivator. Murray works from Brad’s gym; “Results”, which I think is the best gym in Nelson.

Practitioners I work closely with are the team at The Loveday Clinic Ph: 03 548 0998:

Other links:

Brian Collins Osteopath, email:, phone 03 548 1101

Cindy de Villiers, Doctor

Ange Palmer is our family herbalist. That is all I need to say.

Dawn Chalmers, Physiotherapist and the team at the Active Body Centre


Although I'm no longer a member of Massage New Zealand they are our New Zealand Massage Association and I uphold their values and code of ethics. I've included this link for your information.

And last but not least, if you do have any issues or complaints regarding my treatment of you, please come back to me with your concern and we can attempt to work it out. However if you feel that I haven't resolved the problem I direct you to the New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner They help resolve complaints regarding any treatment modality or provider in NZ. 

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