Integrated Massage for Therapy

  • Clinical structural massage therapy treats muscular contraction.
  • Therapeutic massage encourages normalization of soft tissue, promoting the body’s ability for self-healing.
  • Massage therapy improves function and posture, reduces pain, energy-loss and stress within the body, so reducing dis-ease and promoting well-being.
  • Massage therapy brings awareness to the recipient and their body.

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Treatments for chronic pain relief, injuries or physical discomfort combine other Deep Tissue Massage modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Connective tissue massage or other Myofascial release techniques as well as those mentioned for relaxation.

Nerves, blood and lymph vessels, organs and bones pass through or are kept in place by soft tissue: That is muscle and connective tissue, or fascia.

Everything vital inside of us relies on proper tone and movement within the muscular and fascial systems.

Structural stress causes psychological tension and physical pain.

“My right hip, (or knee or shoulder?) has worn out. I need a new one. It’s just age.”

...But your left (knee or) hip is the same age?!.

It is dis-organised tension in muscle and fascia, tendons and ligaments, left unattended for years that cause the stress to wear out a joint.

Sitting at that computer, holding your arms up and moving your fingers at 90 words a minute causes physical stress. 

It’s not your job that’s wearing you down, it’s the physical pattern required to do that job.

Truck driver, Shearer, Saw-Doctor, Violinist, Lawyer or Massage Therapist, we become the physical pattern required for our work rather than that required by a human being standing up and moving most efficiently within the gravity of this physical world.

Integrated Massage Therapy treats the cause of your migraine, or your sore shoulder, or knee. It stimulates your body. It generates feeling.

In attempting to reach a physiological goal the feeling of the treatment is essential, you respond to your system’s sensitivity, it promotes physical change.

Don’t think of massage as a muscle treatment, it is a treatment of the internal organs of the body by neuromuscular stimulation.

As such clinical massage for therapy can be as intense as it is pleasurable but it’s always helping your body towards true balance.

It is a credit to human ingenuity that a concept as simple as massage (if it’s sore rub it!) can evolve into working with hands on the surface of the body to promote healing within. 

The most benign and simplest tools, used with intent, to achieve life-changing results. Clinical Massage Therapy attempts to do just that.


Your privacy is respected at all times. Scott leaves the room to allow you to disrobe, underwear can be left on and during work, areas not focused on are covered.

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