Integrated Massage for relaxation

  • Massage for relaxation is now recognized as a therapy rather than a luxury.
  • Scott combines techniques from styles such as Traditional Chinese Massage, Swedish massage, or Esalen massage to provide a totally unique massage experience for you.

If someone told you that you could benefit your health by doing absolutely nothing for an hour a week would you believe it? 

Take time out.  

Massage is the answer.

Most of us have particular tension-holding patterns that the stresses of everyday living promote. Release of these tensions can reduce stress-related illness, headaches, repetitive strain injuries etc. 

Massage helps us to have a more relaxed and a literally more balanced outlook on decision-making and life.

I offer a totally unique form of integrated massage for relaxation.

The application of massage, using a minimum amount of oil, is firm but gentle with the aim of harmonising physical, emotional and energetic systems. Immediately after the session you will usually feel a sense of total relaxation slowly giving way to a clear feeling of wellbeing.

Take an hour to escape from the rigours of life, to soothing music, passive exercise and total relaxation.

I can guarantee that you’ve never experienced anything like this before.... unless you’ve been to me before.... Perfect Relaxation.

Your privacy is respected at all times. Scott leaves the room to allow you to disrobe, underwear can be left on and during work, areas not focused on are covered.

Treatment costs;

  • 30 minutes @ $45
  • 1 hour @ $80
  • 1 hour & 30 minutes @ $135


Please phone Nelson NZ 03 546 9655 to book your appointment

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Our reception area
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